Viking Experience

Meet the Vikings. Smell the tar, taste the food, feel the history. The Vikings have been awaiting you for more than 1000 years. Experience the Viking age, going direct from the pier.

A short drive through rich, rolling farmland brings you to the Lofotr Viking Museum. Built around the discovery of the largest Viking longhouse ever found, the centerpiece is a reconstruction of that longhouse. Oil lamps flicker, smoke curls up from the fireplace, statues of the old gods stand among intricate wood carvings and walls hung with furs. Craftspeople weave, work leather and carve.

It's only the flash of cameras that remind you you're still in the present. And because the objects in the longhouse are replicas, you can get a little bit closer to the past by donning a helmet, picking up a sword, and playing Viking to your heart’s content!

The museum's other building houses the archaeological finds from the site, as well as an exhibition on the site's discovery, the souvenir shop, and a café.

One of Lofotens most famous museums

Practical Information
When: From 10.30
Price: 490 NOK pr.person
Activity level: Steps on and off the bus, 80 meter (87 yard) walk uphill between reception area and longhouse, 80 meter walk down to parking area.

Mobility: People with disabilities need to notify us if special transport needs are required. Such requirements will be subject to the availability of suitable transport. Those with wheel chairs will need assistance with doorways in the Longhouse, as well as with getting to and from the bus.

Language: English and German.
Meal: No meal.
Included: Transport and Entrance to Lofotr Viking Museum.
Other: Dress for changeable weather.

It is recommended to use 1-1.5 hours at the Museum to have time enough for the different sections: Movie, Exhibition, Longhouse and souvenir-shop.

Meeting point:
About half an hour before tour departure you will find our bus in the parking lot, marked with the number "200" and "Viking Experience"

Bring the receipt for purchasing tour online and you can go directly to the bus. This receipt needs to be shown at the bus and at the Viking museum for free entrance.
 The schedule of the excursion and order of stops is adapted to your cruise ship’s
timetable to make sure that you are back in time and have the best possible
 Family Friendly Excursion

NB! On the Return from the Viking Museum, the bus will be parked at the parking lot down with the main road, NOT at the entrance where you arrive. Look for the bus sign at the parking area.

Depart Pier | Arrive Lofotr
10:30 | 10:50
11:40 | 12:00
12:50 | 13:10
Depart Lofotr | Arrive Pier
11:05 | 11:25
12:15 | 12:35
13:25 | 13:45
14:35 | 14:55

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